Who is The Idaho Cyclist?

Chris Berry (The Idaho Cyclist), Master cat 1/2 & open Cat 1/2 bike racer in Boise Idaho offering self-help & Do-It-Yourself videos ranging from washing & maintaining a bike, sprint training, off season workouts, proper nutrition for cyclist, race day supplements, bike terminology, mechanical tips, & more. Want to race your bike faster, have less bike mechanicals in races, save tune up costs on your bikes, or feel healthier?

Watch my videos free of charge and it just may help. The Idaho Cyclist is a full service video company serving all of Idaho, the United States, and World Wide. My self-help videos also include tips in training, workouts, nutrition, bike maintenance, cycling tips, and more. We are your bike, bicycle, workout, & maintenance helper. The Idaho Cyclist is your bike racing and training routine headquarters. Watch my training routines to improve your racing.

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